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FilterBlast Patch Notes

??.04.17 v1.6 (in progress)

  • Here is the list of features from upcoming update which are already applied on the site:
  • Options with type info and link now support multiple values. All links in one option will be displayed on one line (with spacing). All values in info option will be displayed as separate paragraphs.
  • Resize mode of SetGlobalFontSizeRange now also affects blocks without SetFontSize command (adds it with resize based on middle value), so now it's definetly global.
  • Fixed small bug in preview: check for Class/BaseType was not case-sensetive (thanks Geistbear for report)
  • Updated default/min/max values of SetFontSize for actual ones: 17-45, and 33 as default. (Wiki was wrong, thanks to xhul for finding this out)
  • Fixed bug with SetOption's "Default value": now it works as intended.
  • Added new command SetTab [Tab Name] - which allows to group options in tabs. Every option after SetTab will be added to that tab. You still can add options outside tabs, using "SetTab None".
  • Added parsing mode for not-wrapped disabled blocks (wrapping is still recommended). This mode is already applied to Neversink's Lootfilter, so now it's UI shows commented SmartBlocks too.
  • Now parsing modes can be changed in filter script itself via SetConfig.
  • SetConfig now has param $DisabledBlocks with possible values: ignore, detect, wrapped. If you want to use "detect" be sure to not put space between # and Show/Hide, otherwise it'll count as regular comment.
  • SetConfig now has param $SmartBlocks_Mode with possible values: off, neversink, on. "on" uses standart block groups syntax.
  • Parser now mutes (volume = 0) PlayAlertSound in hidden blocks, instead of deletion. This helps with items, which already have sound by game's defaults.
  • Added Sound theme editor. It supports SetSound command (recommended), but also can use PlayAlertSound comments as sound tags.
  • Added Color theme editor (currently beta version). Currently only supports SmartColors, but extra syntax for setting Themes and Colors will be added soon!
  • Tabs with smartblocks, sound and color theme can have customized placement via SetTab [Tab name] (Tab name = "Block switches" / "Color theme" / "Sound theme")

03.03.17 v1.5

  • Added sound preview feature: by clicking on item in preview you can hear it's ingame drop sound.
  • Parser now removes PlayAlertSound from hidden blocks (there is no sense to notify about items you don't want to be warned)
  • Added new command type "SetConfig" and it's first parameter. Now filter makers can change position of SmartBlocks in UI with "SetConfig $SmartBlocks_Position top"
  • Added special option to add empty lines in UI option for better appearance. Usage: "SetOption $EmptyLine" (don't add anything to "$EmptyLine")
  • Added "Legacy League changes" item set - so now you can check how filters highlight new stuff!
  • Implemented auto-update feature for integrated filters. If your filter is already on FilterBlast - i'll message you soon with info how to make this work.
  • Added previous/next filter switches
  • Improved UI layout with wide preview and updated tilesets
  • Added PoE Default item filter - so now you can compare it with others (thanks to Bex for providing 2.6 default filter file)
  • Fixed recent bug with Save/share feature in Advanced mode
  • Some minor bugfixes and improvements

26.02.17 v1.4

  • Added Item Sets feature to Visual Preview: now you can switch this to see how will look different items of selected set on current zone level.
  • Some bugfixes and improvements

13.02.17 v1.4 beta

  • This is beta version. There may be bugs - please provide your feedback - it's very helpful! Also few features were post-poned to next patch.
  • Added Visual Preview feature. Now you can preview all integrated filters, compare and choose what fits your needs best!
  • Visual Preview has switchable backgrounds, location level and also can emulate "alt" to show hidden items. More preview features will be added in next patches.
  • Advanced mode now shows filter's performance benchmarks (under Resulting Code preview): initial loading time and processing time of preview items. This is relative data - the game's parser works differently and may have different performance results.
  • Reworked and improved user interface (...to be continued!)
  • Advanced mode now always saves filters code (this is experimental and may be reverted back to Empty Template only).
  • SmartBlock's options (|Comment / |Remove) now can be applied to Hide state too, replacing Hide, but still allowing to switch to Show
  • Added "Expand All" and "Collapse All" buttons to SmartBlock UI
  • Some minor bugfixes

15.01.17 v1.3

  • Added Unique Link generation for specific filter and chosen options. Added "Save/share" button to help players get permanent link to their customized filter. Also the link is saved as comment at start of the filter file, so you can easily upgrade later even if forgot to save the link before.
  • Implemented configuration files for filters, which allow to store general filter information, presets and color themes, and links to sources at github/pastebin/etc for future auto-update feature
  • Custom Options now can be used together with SmartBlocks, allowing even more powerful UI tweaks
  • Extended syntax now can be used in comments with special suffix ("# //! " for commands and "# //$ " for replacable values). This can be used to make customizable UI while keeping source code compatibile with PoE parser.
  • SetGlobalFontSizeRange now has optional "mode" parameter, which defines behavior: "limit" cuts off exceeding values, "resize" compresses value from default to a new range. If not specified - defaults to "limit".
  • Added special highlight and note for Advanced SmartBlocks
  • Added support of Neversink's section format, which now works as SmartBlocks
  • Replaced regular textareas in Advanched mode with Ace Editor, which shows line numbers and later will be tweaked to highlight filter syntax.
  • Added "& Reset Options" variant of Reparse button at Edit Source Code in Advanched Mode. Reparsing status is now indicated at Reparse button.
  • Changed behavior of "Edit/View Code" button in Advanched mode: now it scrolls page to code editor/preview, instead of switching their visibility
  • Improved error handling and comment parsing
  • Some small bugfixes and optimization
  • Updated help pages

06.01.17 v1.2

  • The platform now has 2 modes: default and andvanced.
    • Default mode is simplier and more user-friendly.
    • Advanched mode is useful for more experienced users and filter creators.
  • Added SmartBlocks (Block Groups) support, which now appear as UI options tree
  • SmartBlocks now can have visibility option at the end of the line ("|Remove", "|Disable" or "|Comment"), which allows more customization, while not affecting Filtration in any way
  • "Comment" commands now outputs with Filtration's Disabled Block syntax and has optional parameter "Show"/"Hide" (if empty - uses "Show")
  • Added "Disabled" and "Disable" block commands which are Filtration-like aliases for "Comment"

03.01.17 v1.1

  • Parser now returns detailed info of errors in filter code
  • Added new command: SwitchTo value - allows to switch visibility of a block (especially useful in SetTag), possible values: Show, Hide, Comment, Remove. Also value can be empty which allows more flexibility with Options.
  • Added new command: SetSound $Var_Name id volume # description - which later will be editable in Sound Scheme editor UI
  • Parser now removes all duplicate or reduntant commands (note: new equation conditions replace previous "=" conditions to allow flexible use of Tags and Branches)
  • For "BaseType" and "Class" commands parser now removes duplicate values
  • Fixed small bug when comments of "Class" command would not output

31.12.16 v1.0a

  • Added new UI option types: "info" and "link"
  • Options and variables in their value now allow nesting of other options/variables
  • Options and variables now can store @tags

31.12.16 v1.0 Initial Release

Planned Features

  • poe.ninja integration for automatic economy updates
  • Validation of Class and BaseType values
  • Syntax Highlight in code editor/preview
  • UI rework for 2.0 release
  • ...and many unannounced cool stuff! :)

Updates of Integrated Item Filters

Those filters are using auto-update feature and always up-to-date at FilterBlast:

  • Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts
  • Felix35071's Spirit Filter
  • Lumpa's Loot Filter
  • Sayya's item filter
  • Dissolator's BEASTfilter
  • DH's General Mapping/Endgame filter
  • StupidFatHobbit's Sovereign Filter
  • Muldini's OFTRTA (One Filter to Rule Them All)
  • xhul's filter
  • Highwind's Loot Filter
  • Ajido's Aesthetically Pleasing Loot Filter
  • MaskedChimp's Item Filter
  • Dsgreat's High performance strict filter

This is log of filters, which were updated manually:

  • 16.03.17 - Updated NeverSink's Indepth Loot Filter to v4.63
  • 12.03.17 - Updated NeverSink's Indepth Loot Filter to v4.61
  • 08.03.17 - Added ZiggyD’s Loot Filter v2.6
  • 07.03.17 - Updated Antnee's Classy Item Filter to v2.6
  • 06.03.17 - Updated Hellcat5's Not so Ugly Loot Filters to v2.6.1
  • 06.03.17 - Updated Vexi's lootfilter
  • 05.03.17 - Added Dsgreat's High performance strict filter v2.6
  • 04.03.17 - Updated Apokalyxio's Fresh Fish Filter to v2.6
  • 04.03.17 - Added Ajido's Aesthetically Pleasing Loot Filter v2.6
  • 03.03.17 - Updated Hellcat5's Not so Ugly Loot Filters to v2.6
  • 03.03.17 - Updated NeverSink's Indepth Loot Filter to v4.6
  • 03.03.17 - Updated Freeeeez's Yet Another Loot Filter to v0.9.13
  • 03.03.17 - Updated Highwind's Loot Filter to v2.6
  • 03.03.17 - Updated cmphx's Lootfilter to v2.6
  • 02.03.17 - Updated StupidFatHobbit's Sovereign Filter to v2.6
  • 02.03.17 - Updated EpicFail42's loot filter to v20
  • 02.03.17 - Added Vexi's lootfilter v2.6.0
  • 02.03.17 - Updated EpicFail42's loot filter to v19
  • 02.03.17 - Renamed xhul's endgame filter to xhul's filter
  • 17.02.17 - Updated DH's General Mapping/Endgame filter to v2.5.3
  • 16.02.17 - Updated xhul's endgame filter to v2.5.1.5
  • 14.02.17 - Updated Felix35071's Spirit Filter to v1.5a
  • 08.02.17 - Updated Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts to v2.5.2d
  • 08.02.17 - Updated Felix35071's Spirit Filter to v1.04
  • 07.02.17 - Updated NeverSink's Indepth Loot Filter to v4.5
  • 06.02.17 - Updated xhul's endgame filter to v2.5.1.4
  • 05.02.17 - Updated EpicFail42's loot filter to v18
  • 02.02.17 - Updated Felix35071's Spirit Filter to v1.03
  • 02.02.17 - Updated Dissolator's BeastFilter to v3.0d
  • 28.01.17 - Added DH's General Mapping/Endgame filter v2.5
  • 27.01.17 - Updated Felix35071's Spirit Filter to v1.02
  • 26.01.17 - Updated EpicFail42's loot filter to v17
  • 26.01.17 - Updated Felix35071's Spirit Filter to v1.01
  • 25.01.17 - Added StupidFatHobbit's Sovereign Filter v2.5
  • 24.01.17 - Added Hellcat5's Not so Ugly Loot Filters v2.5
  • 24.01.17 - Added Lumpa's Loot Filter v2.5
  • 21.01.17 - Replaced Felix35071's TULIF (The Unreasonably Large Item Filter) with his new Spirit Filter v0.92
  • 21.01.17 - Updated Highwind's Loot Filter to v2.5.11
  • 21.01.17 - Added diablokiller1's Endgame filter v2.5
  • 19.01.17 - Added xhul's endgame filter v2.5.1.3
  • 19.01.17 - Added Highwind's Loot Filter v2.5.8
  • 18.01.17 - Added Ment's Item Filters v3.6
  • 18.01.17 - Added MaskedChimp's Item Filter v2.5.1
  • 18.01.17 - Added Apokalyxio's Fresh Fish Filter v2.5
  • 17.01.17 - Added Felix35071's TULIF (The Unreasonably Large Item Filter) v2.5
  • 17.01.17 - Added Freeeeez's Yet Another Loot Filter v0.9.12
  • 17.01.17 - Added cmphx's Lootfilter v2.5
  • 16.01.17 - Added EpicFail42's loot filter v16
  • 07.01.17 - Updated Antnee's Classy Item Filter to v2.51c
  • 06.01.17 - Added NeverSink's Indepth Loot Filter v4.43
  • 06.01.17 - Added Muldini's OFTRTA (One Filter to Rule Them All) v2.5.1
  • 06.01.17 - Added Sayya's item filter v2.1
  • 02.01.17 - Updated Dissolator's BeastFilter to v3.0c
  • 31.12.16 - Added Greengroove's Loot Filter v2.5.0f
  • 31.12.16 - Added Antnee's Classy Item Filter v2.51b
  • 31.12.16 - Added Dissolator's BeastFilter v3.0b