Extended List of Filters

API-Key Filter Version Last Update Date PoE Version* Auto-Update** More Info
Default PoE Default Filter 3.1 December 8, 2017 3.1.x forum thread
Ajido Ajido's Aesthetically Pleasing Loot Filter 3.1 December 8th, 2017 3.1.x yes forum thread
cmphx cmphx's Lootfilter 3.1 December 8, 2017 3.1.x forum thread
Crymsius Crymsius's LootFilter - A filter for colour blind 3.1.0b 08 Dec 2017 3.1.x yes forum thread
Dissolator Dissolator's BEASTfilter 3.7.1 December 8, 2017 3.1.x yes forum thread
EpicFail42 EpicFail42's loot filter 24 FilterBlast Hotfix December 7, 2017 3.1.x forum thread
Felix35071 Felix35071's Spirit Filter 1.4b FilterBlast Hotfix 12.9.2017 3.1.x yes forum thread
Greengroove Greengroove's Loot Filter 3.1.0 hotfix December 8, 2017 3.1.x yes forum thread
ffhighwind Highwind's Loot Filter 3.1.5 FilterBlast Hotfix 12.10.2017 3.1.x yes forum thread
Krosa Krosa's Filter 3.1 12/12/17 3.1 yes source
Lumpaa Lumpa's Loot Filter 3.1.0 09.12.2017 3.1.x yes source
Muldini Muldini's OFTRTA (One Filter to Rule Them All) 3.1.0 FilterBlast Hotfix 08.12.2016 3.1.x yes forum thread
NeverSink NeverSink's Indepth Loot Filter 5.41 Decembt.11.2017 3.1 yes forum thread
Sayya Sayya's item filter 2.32 8.12.2017 3.1.x yes forum thread
StupidFatHobbit StupidFatHobbit's Sovereign Filter 3.1.1 December 11th, 2017 3.1.x yes forum thread
Vexivian Vexi's lootfilter 3.1 December 9, 2017 3.1.x forum thread
xhul xhul's filter 3.1.A 8 december 2017 3.1.X yes forum thread
Apokalyxio Apokalyxio's Fresh Fish Filter 2.6 March 3, 2017 2.6.x source
Antnee Antnee's Classy Item Filter 3.0 August 4, 2017 3.0.x forum thread
diablokiller1 diablokiller1's Endgame filter 2.5 February 1, 2017 2.5.x forum thread
DoctorHiruruluk DH's General Mapping/Endgame filter 2.6.0 03.03.2017 2.5.x yes forum thread
Dsgreat3 Dsgreat's High performance strict filter 0.3.3 15.08.2017 3.0.x yes forum thread
Freeeeez Freeeeez's Yet Another Loot Filter 0.10.0 September 3, 2017 3.0.x source
Hellcat5 Hellcat5's Not so Ugly Loot Filters 2.6.1 March 6, 2017 2.6.x forum thread
MaskedChimp MaskedChimp's Item Filter 4.2 27.08.2017 3.0.x yes source
ment2008 Ment's Item Filters 3.0d 05.09.2017 3.0.x yes forum thread
ZiggyD ZiggyD’s Loot Filter 3.1 September 6, 2017 3.0.x source

* Shows for which version of Path of Exile a filter is updated. It's important to use updated filter after patch with major item filter changes. Outdated versions are marked with red color, they can be actualized by experienced users manually. Some filters also have Fail-Safe, which give special highlight for any new items, undefined selectively in a filter.

** When filter's author releases an update it's automaticly appear on FilterBLAST too, other filters are updated manually (usually often, but may have up to few days delay).