Filter Auto-Updater tool (AHK script)

Support FilterBlast:

This tool uses FilterBlast API to check version of your favourite filter and auto-update it on your PC if there is new version.

All you need to do - is just to download, configure it once by editing in Notepad, and run.

The tool comes as source code in ".ahk" file, which can be executed using popular AutoHotKey program. If you don't have AutoHotKey installed - you can download it from official site.

Initial configuration is quite easy - you just need to specify filter key and desired filename.

Optionally you can also specify desired preset, color or sound theme, if your favourite filter has any of those.

If you customized the filter at FilterBLAST, you can specify hash from saved link to apply your customization into new versions of the filter.

The script contains comments with more detailed info about how to set up each parameter.

The script checks for update each hour. Each check gets info within ~50 bytes of data, so it's just a ~1 Kb/day.

Download Auto-Updater tool

Current version: 1.0 beta