Dissolator's BEASTfilter v3.8.5 (March 16, 2018) forum thread

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Crafting bases - normal/magic items for crafting in endgame (Atlas-specific bases will always be shown)

Good rares - Switch to "Hide" if you want to see only top bases of rares, otherwise it will also show good bases of rare items in endgame

All rares - Switch to "Show" if you want to see all (even mediocre and bad) bases of rares in endgame

Lowest Currency - Toggles visibility of armourer's scrap, wisdom scrolls and cheapest orb's shards

Non-quality Low cost Gems - Since vendor sell 'em all, you can hide them (only 1-alch gems like CwDT, GMP, IncAoE will be shown). Don't forget to press ALT when opening Strongboxes with "Contained Gems have Experience" mod, where may be some good high-level gems.

Minimum font size - Set the lowest possible size of items, all other items will adapt to new size range (maximum is always 45).

Chisel Recipe - Highlights stone hamers etc for Cartographer's Chisel recipe

Big RGB Items Endgame - RGB items (Chromatic orb recipe) drops in Endgame which take more than 3-4 inventory slots

RGB Items - RGB items (Chromatic orb recipe)

20Q Items - 20% quality items for Blacksmith's Whetstone and Armourer's Scrap recipes

Chance Bases - Bases you want to highlight for chancing

Top Unique Bases - Uniques with those basetypes will have top-tier sound and highlight, instead of regular ones

Top Attack Weapon Bases

Top Caster Weapon and Shield Bases

Top Shield Bases

Sound Positioning - This new feature allows to play Alert Sounds from direction, where related item is dropped. WARNING: this may significantly lower volume of alerts and may require volume changes in game options. It's recommended to keep this turned off, unless you want to expirement.

Voiced Orb Annoucements - Turn this to show, if you want to enable Shaper's voice to announce most rare currency (Mirror, Exalted, Divine and their shards) WARNING: seweral players reported that sometimes those sounds doesn't work - this is game's bug, so right now it's not recommended to use.

Uniques - Uniques-only drop sound


GemsAndJewelry - Quality Gems and Rare Jewelry


Top - Top Value orbs, cards, maps etc


High - High value drop


Mid - Middle value drop


Low - Low value drop


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