Dissolator's BEASTfilter v3.9d3 (September 16, 2018) forum thread

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Crafting bases - normal/magic items for crafting in endgame (Atlas-specific bases will always be shown)

Good rares - Switch to "Hide" if you want to see only top bases of rares, otherwise it will also show good bases of rare items in endgame

All rares - Switch to "Show" if you want to see all (even mediocre and bad) bases of rares in endgame

Lowest Currency - Toggles visibility of armourer's scrap, wisdom scrolls and cheapest orb's shards

Non-quality Low cost Gems - Since vendor sell 'em all, you can hide them (only 1-alch gems like CwDT, GMP, IncAoE will be shown). Don't forget to press ALT when opening Strongboxes with "Contained Gems have Experience" mod, where may be some good high-level gems.

Minimum font size - Set the lowest possible size of items, all other items will adapt to new size range (maximum is always 45).

Chisel Recipe - Highlights stone hamers etc for Cartographer's Chisel recipe

Big RGB Items Endgame - RGB items (Chromatic orb recipe) drops in Endgame which take more than 3-4 inventory slots

RGB Items - RGB items (Chromatic orb recipe)

20Q Items - 20% quality items for Blacksmith's Whetstone and Armourer's Scrap recipes

Chance Bases - Bases you want to highlight for chancing

Top Attack Weapon Bases

Top Caster Weapon and Shield Bases

Top Shield Bases

Voiced Orb Annoucements - Turn this to show, if you want to enable Shaper's voice to announce most rare currency (Mirror, Exalted, Divine and their shards) WARNING: seweral players reported that sometimes those sounds doesn't work - this is game's bug, so right now it's not recommended to use.

Sound Positioning - This new feature allows to play Alert Sounds from direction, where related item is dropped. WARNING: this may significantly lower volume of alerts and may require volume changes in game options. It's recommended to keep this turned off, unless you want to expirement.

Disable Standart Drop Sounds - Select which item drops shall have no drop sounds. This command has no effect on filter's Alert Sounds - it only affects default drop sounds of items, which can not be customized - only turned off.

Uniques - Uniques-only drop sound


GemsAndJewelry - Quality Gems and Rare Jewelry


Top - Top Value orbs, cards, maps etc


High - High value drop


Mid - Middle value drop


Low - Low value drop


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